Erin McIntosh

Scope Volunteer Awards 2023

Client: Scope



Create a new visual style for the Volunteer Awards that represents our volunteer community. 



Design, Biscuit Decoration, Photography Direction.



Coproduction with volunteers inspired the tea and biscuits theme which represents daily moments of joy shared between volunteers at work and the treats which they would share at the celebrations held in Scope shops on the day of the awards.

I developed a photographic concept, hand decorating biscuits in Scope’s brand colours to represent the hands on work of volunteers.

After directing and editing the photography of the biscuits, I designed the print communications for the awards, including strut cards to be displayed in Scope shops and letters and certificates.



The unique and playful visual style appealed to volunteers and members of the public, resulting in an over 200% increase in nominations compared to the previous year.

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