Create a new brand and accompanying graphics for the children’s department of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Branding, Interior Design

Nest is a calming and approachable brand designed to appeal to all patients aged 0-17. Natural imagery and hand crafted textures were used to create a soft and serene environment, whilst modern geometric illustrations appealed to older teenage patients. The name Nest represents the comfortable nurturing environment and the support network available to patients and their families. Competition winner, branding currently being rolled out across ULHT.
Through research I discovered that natural imagery and cool colours encourage relaxation and aid healing. I chose a theme of British birds and created illustrations of species patients would recognise. I experimented with mark making in order to produce unique, organic textures to soften the modern geometric style I used to illustrate the birds.
I illustrated 15 species of birds and accompanying scenery, also producing designs for side rooms and communal spaces in order to show how the brand identity could be applied to the hospital space.
I was also challenged with designing a conceptual space for patients. The Cloud Room is an inflatable pod housing a multisensory experience. Light, sound and projections are used to reproduce the mesmerising movement of starling murmurations, creating escapism which is accessible for all.
All work is the property of Erin Mcntosh, unless otherwise stated.