Design a range of everyday products which offer a sustainable alternative

Branding, Product Design

1.6 Billion disposable pens are thrown away
each year. Element offers a unique and stylish alternative aimed at aspirational 18-24 yearolds. Element’s refillable products are made from polymers produced from captured carbon dioxide,creating an innovative and inspiring USP.
Element’s branding is minimal and modern, using hexagonal shapes to represent the formation of carbon atoms. The brand’s name represents the products USP of being produced from the essential element, carbon.
Minimal packaging materials were used to support the sustainability of the product. I considered the potential impact of all product components, choosing sustainable options which would impress the consumer, including ink refills made from captured carbon inks and notebook refills of either unbleached or semi-bleached paper.
I produced advertisements which could promote the brand launch ready for the start of the university term. Posters could be located on transport routes and around university campuses. Poster designs are
intriguing and product focussed, highlighting the sustainable materials.
All work is the property of Erin Mcntosh, unless otherwise stated.