The Virtual Try on App by Covet

Produce an outcome which encourages more sustainable consumption.

Branding, Animation
Creative Conscience 2021
25% of returns are sent to landfill. ClickFit, the virtual try on app by Covet allows users to try on clothes before they order, reducing waste, cutting transport emissions and saving time. Partnering with popular online clothing retailers, ClickFit helps to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion.
By taking inspiration from existing fashion and tech brands aimed at Gen Z women, I developed a youthful, bright and daring design style which reflected characteristics of the target demographic. Bold social media posts and animated advertisements were created to represent the brand’s feisty personality.

The ClickFit app is simple and functional whilst still representing the brand’s vibrant identity. The app promotes trending, suggested and sponsored items, as well as allowing users to share their virtual try ons on social media, providing greater online marketing for clothing retailers that choose to partner with Covet.

ClickFit creates transparency between the retailer and the consumer, contributing to brand loyalty.

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